This is perfect our awesome product High speed (230Pcs/Min) • High precision (±0.06 g) • High stability (±3Σ) dynamic checkweigher (Automatic Checkweigher – Weight Detector – Rechecker – Weight Sorter – Weight Detector – CHECKWEIGHER)


our awesome product


High-speed, high-precision, high-stability dynamic detction

• Automatic zero tracking technology ensures the weighing accuracy under the condition that the weight of the product changes on the weighing platform.
. Maintaining consistent level of accuracy over long-term use.


Max weighing accuracy (3σ± 0.06g)

• Using high-rigidity, high-sensitivity weight sensor reduces vibration stabilization time, and equipped with high-speed CPU processor for high-accuracy weighing results.


10.1 inch color TFT LCD display

•10.1 inch color TFT LCD display Full color touch screen, easy to view, easy to understand, easy to operate, prevent operator error.


Unique automatic parameter calculation function

• Input product lenght (mm) and throughput (pcs/min), calculates immediately by the exclusive automatic parameter calculation function.


The most complete production management system

•. Product database stores up to 199 products . Instant display of weight upper and lower limit graph. . Summary graph includes histograms, and pie charts, can be converted to Excel file . Checkweighting parameters can be copied between products. . Create backup of product parameters and system parameters, in case of need.


Authority and responsibility

. Divided into four levels, administrator, engineer, supervisor, and operator. . Add or remove users under each level. . Password protection prevents unauthorized access and change of parameter . Access rights are custom made for each level, avoid violating other user's rights.


Checkweighing history data

. Stores checkweighing history data in machine interface or usb drive . Machine interface can store 2.3M piece of checkweighing data.


System operation history

•System will automatically record the user login time and parameter modification.


Internet (Industry 4.0)

. Capable of communicating with external devices, providing intelligent industry 4.0 . Modbus RTU/TCP communication protocol for seamlessly integration. . Communication port includes RS-232, RS-485, ethernet, USB 2.0 . Built-in free agreement, select any of the communication items.


Weight calibration

.Follow three steps according to the figure to complete the calibration procedure. .Operation is simple, fast and accurate.


Interface language

•Many languages to choose from , English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, ... .Interface language can be changed to accommodate customer needs.


Process capability index

•.Immediate notification when system self-detects a fault for instant processing.


System error notification

•Immediate notification when system self-detects a fault for instant processing.


Dynamic average compensation


First-class workmanship, professional mechanical design

.Full stainless (SUS304) machine body, with brushed finish. .Electricial cabinet with internal hinge, cable tracks. .Conveyor platform with quick release


Professional grade belt

•.Food and medical grade belt, easy to clean and maintain. .Ultra-thin, seamless bonding, stable operation at high speed.


High-precision roller with professional fine workmanship



"Smart Machinery Product Competition" jointly implemented by the Taiwan Food and Pharmaceutical Machinery Industry Association (TFPMA) and the Precision Machinery Research and Development Center (PMC) .HANDWIN Precision has won the bronze award. According to TFPMA, the competition is to encourage the domestic food and pharmaceutical machinery industry to use the design and manufacturing technology to lead the development of intelligent machine research and development, and to promote the innovation and wisdom design into the research and development of food and pharmaceutical machinery products through competition. At the same time, it leads the industry to enhance the performance of intelligent systems, the concept of Internet of Things (IoT) Implementation, big data collection and feedback, robotics and automation applications, humanization and operation interface applications.

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our product

HANDWIN PRECISION IND. CO., LTD. is a company specializing in manufacturing Checkweigher systems machines for the high tech industry as well as software research and development. Since its inception, our company focuses on checkweigher development technology. Since becoming involved with Checkweigher technology, we have been able help our customers grasp the various production conditions that require Checkweigher systems and software. To further assist our customers, the Checkweigher systems are available in several languages that include “Chinese, Simplified Chinese, English, Turkish and others languages as well. Currently, the Checkweigher has an accuracy level of 0.06g and a speed of 230 items per minute.There are few systems in the market that can match the high speed and accuracy of our checkweigher technology.

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Applicable industry

Helping you solve problems on the production line is your best choice ■ Applicable industries: food, pharmaceutical, beverage, biotechnology, chemistry, hardware and other industries ■ Applicable characteristics: carton, cup, bottle, can, bag, box, etc.


  • Business strategy

    ■ Since the establishment of the company, continuous quality improvement has always adhered to the people-oriented, technology-oriented, quality-oriented enterprises to become the most competitive manufacturer of industrial scales worldwide. ■ Improve product quality and performance, optimize production processes, control costs, eliminate waste, and increase profits. ■ Continuously provide customers with the best after-sales service, keep the production line running normally, and ensure timely shipment.

    Business philosophy

    ■The purpose of "Innovation" is to continuously create value for customers, and the company continues to innovate and develop to achieve sustainable operation. ■The advancement of "technology" is to meet the needs of customers and to continuously improve the PDCA to create products that meet market demand. ■The meaning of "trust" lies in "honesty", facing every customer with honesty and building on the basis of mutual trust.

Checkweigher product

HA Series HS Series HL Series Filling Checkweighing System Rejector Series

HA Series HS Series HL Series Filling Checkweighing System